Trump’s Last Stand or Why Vote for Clinton

As the election turns into a battle between the sexes, Clinton is clearly prepared to  represent America’s future.Trump represents an America that is dying. Read my analysis in Kristelig Dagblad (In Danish).


Gay U.S. ambassador is a reality TV star in Denmark

Ambassador Rufus Gifford is a role model. “One of the biggest struggles you have as a young, gay person is figuring out how to be comfortable in your own skin,” he said. “I mean, you would lie in bed at night when you were 15, 16, 17 years old and just figure out if there was some way to escape your body.” Read his story in USA Today.

Photo by Bjarke Frederiksen. Danish PM  Lars Løkke Rassmussen, Ambassador Rufus Gifford & his husband, Dr. Stephen DeVincent.

Nostalgic for the Summer? Re-live Roskilde 2014.

Roskilde Music Festival 2014 is a place where anything goes. Take a trip through memory lane and celebrate self-expression.

Rihanna, Metallica and I @ Roskilde Music Festival

Read my new article in The Huffington Post on Rihanna, Metallica and I: We All Contribute to Northern Europe’s Largest Music Festival. An excerpt: Caught up in Rihanna’s allure, a combination of over-sexed precociousness and genuine love, and perhaps aware of the singer’s fragile humanity, the crowd surrendered and believed her. The encore, “Diamonds,” was merely icing on the cake.

Fresh off the Farm: Living With the Amish

Read my new article in The Huffington Post on How One Small Community Balances Two Conflicting Worlds.  An excerpt: “The Amish are the rage among America’s reality TV viewers… Commentators are speculating over the public’s obsession with Hollywood’s arguably dubious and prejudicial storylines…But after living on an Amish dairy farm for a year, I agree with those who argue that the reality programs reflect a lack of knowledge of the plain folk. In contrast, the Amish community I associated with had an intimate and sensible relationship to the mainstream world. The beauty is how they managed it.”