Rihanna, Metallica and I @ Roskilde Music Festival

Read my new article in The Huffington Post on Rihanna, Metallica and I: We All Contribute to Northern Europe’s Largest Music Festival. An excerpt: Caught up in Rihanna’s allure, a combination of over-sexed precociousness and genuine love, and perhaps aware of the singer’s fragile humanity, the crowd surrendered and believed her. The encore, “Diamonds,” was merely icing on the cake.

1 thought on “Rihanna, Metallica and I @ Roskilde Music Festival

  1. …in the good old eighties I seemed to be the only one who loved Metallica (Kill’em all, Master of Puppets etc.). For me, Heavy Metal was my personal rage against mainstream!

    Today, it seems to me that Metallica really became a part of modern mainstream music.

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