Too Many Guns – What’s Wrong with USA?


On 14 February 2018, Valentine’s Day, a 19-year-old man shot up the hallways and classrooms of his former high school in Parkland, Florida. 17 died and 14 were injured.

Surviving teenagers burst onto the public stage with protest and debate. “I was born into a world where I have never experienced security,” said one of them at a learning session with Donald Trump, “It must never happen again.”

Referring to a football coach who died shielding students, the President replied that he should have had a gun, “It would have stopped it.”

Now, the good guy with the gun is literally you or me.

Read more here about how the United States is locked in a literal death dance powered by a gun culture distorted by partisan politics, a strained interpretation of the right to bear arms and a firearms industry that buys politicians (in Danish).

To find out how the surviving teenagers represent hope for the future, listen to a radio interview of me in Danish on P1 Morgen here. Download the DR Radio app to listen on your mobil or simply click on the link to listen on your computer.

The United States or the Divided States?


In these troubled times, does former Ambassador to Denmark Rufus Gifford have a political future in the United States?  I say yes, but conservative Sørine Gotfredsen says no. Feel free to read the debate here (in Danish). For more information about the Ambassador in English, read my article in USA Today here. Gifford is now running for U.S. Congress in Massachusetts’ Third Congressional District. Click on his campaign website here.

Photo by Peter Brinch.

Sessions as Attorney General Could Divide Rather Than Unite

Senator Jeff Sessions may have a good resume. But he could be on the wrong side of history. Born in Selma, Alabama, he was a Republican student body president on Bloody Sunday in 1965. Instead of promoting justice for all, he may prefer justice for the few. Read my article in (In Danish).

Voting for the Next Generation

If you think that the presidential elections are a roller coaster ride, brace yourself. President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, and the Republicans’ refusal to begin the confirmation process, has set the country on a crash course. Now it is up to us, the voters, to slam on the breaks and to resolve the impasse. Want to hear more? Please read my article in The Huffington Post.


Diary of an Undecided Democrat

Robin Elizabeth HerrHow would you vote in the US presidential elections? Will it be Bernie Sanders, the visionary, Hillary Clinton, the practitioner or Martin O’Malley, the implementor? Introducing my new blog in The Huffington Post called Diary of an Undecided Democrat. You can look forward to further posts on gun control, healthcare and who can resist – Donald Trump. Read the first post and let me know how you would vote. You are welcome to make comments here or better yet, log into Huffington Post through your Facebook account and make comments directly on the article.

Imod dødsstraf i USA

Det er, når livet viser sig så usikkert og tilfældigt, at vi må foretage et valg. Enten løfter vi os ud over hævngerrigheden og holder fast i vores medmenneskelighed, eller vi daler ned hvor der er angst og frygt. For mig er det ikke et svært valg.

Læs mere i min kronik om Vilkårlighed og dødens alt for menneskelige ansigt i Kristeligt Dagblad.